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  1. What is Prepay and BACS?

    BACS is a bank transfer, it is an electronic system used to make payments from one bank account t... (read more)

  2. Why haven't you paid my full amount? (Covered amount)

    There are certain items which we cannot carry on our services, these are listed on our prohibited... (read more)

  3. Why haven't you paid my carriage fees (Damage claim)?

    The service purchased was carried out and the delivery was successful. You will be offered the am... (read more)

  4. You have not paid my full carriage fees (extra cover)?

    The cost of extra compensation cover is non-refundable. When we refund the cost of carriage as pa... (read more)

  5. Why did this item not flag up when I was booking this?

    Our website cannot cater for every anomaly a customer may use when describing their goods, for th... (read more)

  6. How long does the claims process take?

    There is no set time frame in place for completing our internal claims process. We advise that in... (read more)

  7. How do I make a claim for loss/damage?

    If your item is unfortunately either lost or damaged you will need to let us know as soon as poss... (read more)

  8. Where do I submit my claims information?

    When you contact us to request a claims form you will be sent an email, this will explain how to ... (read more)

  9. I do not have some of the required claims information, what should I do?

    If you are unable to provide any of the required claims documents we would suggest contacting us ... (read more)

  10. Why does the claim still say awaiting documents when they’re all uploaded?

    Please do not worry if your claim status does not change immediately. All claims need to be revie... (read more)

  11. What does salvage mean?

    If the status of your claim changes to "awaiting salvage" at any point you should receive an emai... (read more)