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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the home of Islam. A desert country that surrounds itself with rich attractions, culture and symbolism. A country that puts the breaks on tourism, restricting non-Muslims to view certain parts of the country. The monumental cities of Mecca and Medina are of the utmost significance and have no equal. Saudi is the largest exporter of oil, marking its place as one of the most important nations in the world. Shipping to Saudi Arabia might be a challenge for other couriers, but not for DPDLocal-Online. We specialise in sending cheap parcels to Saudi Arabia.

Send a Parcel to Saudi Arabia

Although there might be a restriction on tourism, our courier delivery ensures all your cheap parcels to Saudi Arabia get there safely and on time. Providing the cheapest parcel delivery means we are constantly striving to be the best. Satisfying our customers by providing the most efficient courier service is at the top of our priorities.

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What else do you need to know...

Do I need to deal with customs when sending from the UK to Saudi Arabia?

Whenever you’re posting to Saudi Arabia, you’ll need to go through international customs before entering the country, which means you’ll need to attach a customs declaration. Thankfully, we’ve made getting the right forms a breeze. We’ll send you all the forms you need along with your label for you to print off whenever you book an order with us. Easy!

How much does it cost to send a parcel from the UK to Saudi Arabia?

Postage to Saudi Arabia is priced as low as £18.00, only when you book through DPDLocal-Online. We offer a wide range of services to our customers, ensuring that you can always get cheap parcels with the service that’s right for you.

How should I address my parcel for delivery to Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia uses two postcode systems, meaning their postcodes are split in a similar way to ZIP codes in the USA. The first code is made up of five digits and the second four, connected with a dash and placed on the second-to-last line. 

Not sure what that looks like? Check out this handy addressing guide commissioned by the Universal Postal Union for a good example.

What items can I send?

Saudi Arabian import restrictions are fairly strict when compared with Europe or the USA. Items that are banned from import into the country include:

  • Alcoholic beverages and distilling equipment
  • Narcotics (including poppy seeds)
  • Crosses, crucifixes, or stars of David
  • Pork and products thereof
  • Material advertising tobacco products

You can find more information about what you can and can’t send to Saudi Arabia by getting touch with HM Revenue and Customs. You should also check out our prohibited items page for a list of goods that can’t legally be carried by our couriers. 

Where can I find more information?

If you need any more information, you’ll find plenty of helpful stuff at our online Help Centre There you can browse our FAQ guides — covering everything from packaging tips to international shipping advice — or talk to one of our friendly advisors via the chat window.

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