DPD Online Drop Off Services

Save money and time by using a DPD parcel drop off service when booking your parcel with DPD Online, formerly known as DPD Local Online until June 2023.


Once your parcel is booked, all you have to do is bring it to a DPD drop off point near you and let us take care of the delivery. A DPD drop shop is usually a convenience store, pharmacy, supermarket or similar; in fact, you’ve probably been to one on numerous occasions without even realising!


Whether you happen to be passing a drop shop location on the school run or daily commute or just happen to be passing by, once a participating store is open, a drop shop is open and willing to accept your parcel.  

Drop Off Near me

With over 8,000 DPD Drop Off locations dotted around the UK, you can rest assured that you’re never too far away from one. In fact, we’ve ensured that a drop shop is no more than a few minutes away from 93% of the population. 


Some common DPD DropShops include:

  • Sainsbury's
  • Matalan
  • Coop

To locate your nearest DPD Drop off point, simply enter your postcode above and then ‘Search’. Alternatively, you can use our DPD Drop Off Locator to find a drop shop near you.



How DPD Drop Shops work