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DPD Drop Off is an easy way to save you time and money. From just £3.99 exc VAT, you can drop your parcel off at one of our 8,000 points within the UK and have it delivered in just 1-2 working days.

Opting for a DPD Drop Off point near you is perfect for those with a busy schedule. We offer a range of convenient click-and-drop locations, so you have the freedom to choose when and where you want to drop off your parcel. You’ll find a DPD Drop Off point just minutes away in most areas across the UK, and often are found in convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and more.

Book your drop-off delivery with DPD Online today for a cheap and easy shipping experience.



Find Your Nearest DPD Drop Off Point

With over 8,000 drop shops across the UK, finding your local DPD Drop Off point is easy.

To locate your nearest DPD Drop off point, simply enter your postcode above and then ‘Search’. You'll then be shown all DPD Drop Shops in your area.

Some common DPD Drop Off points include:

  • Sainsbury's.
  • Matalan.
  • Co-op.
  • Post Office.


How DPD Drop Shops work



Yes. With DPD Online, you can drop your parcel at over 8,000 locations across the UK - including Post Offices.

Find your nearest drop off point above.

With DPD Online, you have over 8,000 drop off points to choose from. Simply enter your postcode in the drop off locator above to see all available places to drop your DPD parcel off. Some drop shops are commonly found in:

  • Sainsbury.
  • Matalan.
  • Co-op.
  • Post Office.

Sending your parcel through DPD Drop Off is easy, and only takes a few steps:

  1. Get a quote and book your DPD Drop Off through DPD Online.
  2. Find your nearest DPD Drop Off point.
  3. Take your parcel to your local drop off point.
  4. Track your package right up until it’s delivered.

As with any parcel sent with DPD Online, you can track your drop off for free.

Once your parcel has been taken to your nearest drop off point, you’ll receive a reference number via email which you can use in our free tracking tool.