Heavy Parcel Delivery

Here at DPD Online (formerly DPD Online), we believe that it should be as easy for you to send a heavy parcel as it is to send a letter, which is why we offer a range of services to meet all your heavy parcel delivery needs.

Whether you need to send a heavy parcel UK to UK or to anywhere else in the world, we are confident that we can provide a parcel delivery service to suit your needs, including next day, two-day and weekend delivery. We work hard to ensure that when you send a heavy parcel, you aren’t paying over the odds, as is often the case with heavier items.

With free tracking and access to our friendly 24-7 customer service team, you can be assured that you’ll be looked after every step of the way. Sending a heavy parcel with DPD couldn’t be easier, simply fill in your details using our handy quick quote tool, choose the service that best suits your needs and budget, and let us look after the rest.

Book your heavy parcel delivery with DPD today and see how much time, effort and money we could save you!

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Parcel Weight Price
10kg £12.99 exc VAT
15kg £14.24 exc VAT
20kg £15.49 exc VAT

What else do I need to know?

Where can I send a heavy parcel to?

Heavy parcel delivery (for parcels over 30kgs) is available to all usual DPD Online destinations. You can also opt for next day delivery within the UK.

Can I drop my parcel off at a local drop-shop?

Yes – any parcel up to 20kg can be booked in to be dropped off at your nearest drop-shop. When booking simply select the ‘drop-off service’ and find your closest store.

How long will it take to deliver my heavy parcel?

Standard parcel delivery within the UK normally takes two days. Alternatively, there is a next day delivery option, as well as delivered by 10:30 or 12:00 and weekend delivery should you need it.


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