Send Parcel, No Printer

At DPD Online, we know convenience is important for your parcel delivery. That’s why we offer print-in-store availability for parcel drop off from just £3.99 exc VAT. Save time and money when you choose to print your DPD labels at your local drop off point.

With our print-in-store parcel delivery, you can skip the hassle and cost of printing at home and conveniently print your labels when you drop off your parcel. Plus, with delivery in just 1-2 working days and free tracking available on all DPD parcels, you can trust us to ship your items safely and on time.

Book your no printer parcel delivery today and experience the convenience of DPD's print-in-store services!


DPD Print Label In-Store Near Me

You’ll find a DPD store just minutes away across the UK. With over 7,000 reliable drop off points with print-in-store capability, we offer the ultimate convenience for your parcel delivery. Simply find your nearest DPD store and print your shipping labels in-store at no extra cost.


How to Print-In-Store With DPD Online

To get started, you’ll need to get a quote and arrange your parcel delivery. Our print-in-store delivery is exclusive to our parcel drop off services, so remember to keep an eye out for the ‘Printer Optional’ tag in your quote results. We’ll then send your digital DPD label to your email. After that, simply:

  1. Take your parcel(s) to your chosen drop shop.
  2. Show your digital label on your mobile phone or tablet to the shop assistant for them to scan. You will have 1 digital label per parcel that you are sending.
  3. The shop assistant will scan your digital label and then apply an adhesive barcode to the parcel.
  4. You will also be given a receipt as proof of postage. The receipt has a tracking reference on it so you can follow the progress of your delivery to its recipient.

Can’t see your digital label? Get in touch with our support team for further assistance.

Help The Environment With Print-In-Store

DPD's print-in-store delivery not only offers convenience but also supports the environment by reducing paper waste and saving energy. By printing labels at your local DPD drop-off point, you contribute to a more sustainable parcel delivery process. Choose DPD for a greener way to send parcels.

Want to learn more about DPD Green? Explore our eco initiatives and learn how we're improving sustainability in parcel delivery.


With DPD Online, you can get no printer parcel delivery through our drop off service! Choose to print your postage labels at your local DPD shop from just £3.99 exc VAT.

Make sure to package your parcel safely before sending.

To print your digital postage label, simply head to your nearest DPD drop off point and show your digital label. We’ll then print and attach your shipping label to your parcel at no extra cost!

Our print-in-store parcel drop-off helps reduce paper and energy waste. Instead of printing labels at home, you can conveniently print them at our designated drop-off points, minimising paper usage and the environmental footprint associated with individual printers. Additionally, centralising printing optimises energy consumption, further contributing to our efforts for a greener planet.

We’ll provide your digital postage label to you once your booking has been made. To get started, get a free quote and enter your parcel’s details!