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Tips for Sending a Parcel Abroad:

  •  Protect your parcel with inclusive cover on overseas deliveries
  •  Get it there in plenty of time by booking DPD express delivery
  •  Check the items you're sending aren’t prohibited in your chosen country
  •  Use free DPD tracking for proof of delivery

Prices starting from only £5.81 exc VAT

Send a Parcel Around the World with DPD Online

DPD Online brings worldwide parcel delivery right to you. Booking an express international delivery service through DPD Online is quick and easy. We believe that cheap international shipping rates don’t have to come at the expense of a smooth delivery service. That’s what separates us from a great many of our competitors.

You have the option to choose from a wide range of cheap international courier services that suit your needs and your budgets. Book your parcel delivery in a matter of minutes!

International Shipping with DPD

We are committed to providing our customers with local parcel delivery solutions to a wide range of international locations - whether you’re shipping to the USA, or sending a parcel to Australia or China.

For your convenience, you can use one of our collection services or choose DPD drop off at over over 2,500 locations in the UK so that you never have far to go to send your international parcel. With DPD Online's experience in parcel delivery, international shipping has never been easier. Get a quote below!

Customs and VAT Information

When you send a parcel abroad, you’ll need to include certain documentation for your parcel to pass seamlessly through customs. This includes a commercial invoice and sometimes other paperwork. We will send you all the customs declarations you need once you book your parcel with DPD Online.

VAT rates vary depending on the country you’re shipping to. There are exceptions to having to pay tax and duties - for example if you’re sending a gift to the EU that is valued below €45 (about £38), you won’t have to pay EU VAT.

All parcels sent with DPD Online are sent with Delivery Duties Unpaid (DDU), which means your recipient may have to pay for tax and duties for their parcel to be released from customs. The only exception to this is if you use Import-One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) - for example if you’re shipping from a marketplace or as a business. Find more information on paying import duties and Customs Advice.


The continent of Europe boasts the largest economy in the world, playing host to several nations internationally renowned for their culture, education, and standard of living. Along with political heavyweights France, Germany and Russia, Europe also accommodates DPDLocal-Online's home country, the United Kingdom.

Sending a parcel to Europe is best with DPDLocal-Online because of our low price on all deliveries within the continent, now really is the best time to send your parcel!

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At nearly 45 million km², Asia is the planet’s largest continent, and accommodates over half of its total population. With over 4 billion inhabitants, there’s a huge demand for imports from western countries like the UK, and strong historical relationships with China, India and Japan means that international trade continues to thrive. For the lowest prices on deliveries to Asia, book through DPD Online.

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Though Africa ranks second in the world’s continents in both total landmass size and the size of its population, it’s made up of more countries than any other continent, including Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia and South Africa. Its colonial history means that the mainland has strong ties to Europe especially. As a result, shipping to Africa is made easier with tried-and-tested lanes and routes, and since Africa is a huge exporter of raw materials and foodstuffs, couriers will always be in demand. Send a parcel to Africa today!

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Oceania, though technically a continent, is more an enveloping term used to describe the many islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean, which includes bigger countries like Australia and New Zealand, too. Though these islands are remote when compared with bigger inland countries, DPDLocal-Online work to ensure that sending your parcels to Fiji, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea as easy as sending to Europe.

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North America

North America houses the world’s most prosperous and internationally recognisable country the United States of America, as well as other global powers like Mexico and Canada. Strong ties with Europe — especially between the USA and the UK — means that sending over the Atlantic is a well-worn path, and quite frankly couriers have gotten very good at it indeed. That’s why when you book your delivery to North America with DPDLocal-Online, you can send at express speeds for economy prices. Get your quote today!

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South America

The home of the Amazon forest and some of the world’s greatest sporting nations, South America is the Latino capital of the world. With countries Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay continuing from strength-to-strength both economically and in standards of living, South America’s import economy is also on the rise, which means that right now there’s plenty of demand for sending parcels there. Why not get a quote today?

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